The Fifth Knight by Claire Luana and Jesikah Sundin

Title: The Fifth Knight

Authors: Claire Luana and Jesikah Sundin

Publisher: Forest Tales Publishing

Release date: 10/15/18

Rating: 4/5 stars

Thank you to NetGalley and Forest Tales Publishing for an eARC of The Fifth Knight, in exchange for an honest review!

The story: I did enjoy the plot. The action was steady and kept me fully engaged throughout the whole book. This is a unique take on the King Arthur story, told with a woman as the fifth knight. They are seeking the blessed grail, a fae relic, in order to save the kingdom from a dark fae curse.

The characters: There is a very likeable group of people in the story. The knights are playful and handsome and fun to read about. Princess/Sir Fionna is a butt-kicking heroine with a double mission, battling all sorts of conflicting feelings about the knights. The dark fae sound like a nasty bunch, especially Morgana who is the central villian to this story. The book is a reverse harem story, so along with the camaraderie of the knights, there is also a healthy but not too intense amount of romance between them.

The editing: I know we are reviewing an advanced copy, so I can’t speak for the editing of the final copy but there was a lot of proofreading needed in this version. I am slightly guilty but willing to admit that I enjoyed this book a lot, I am happy to volunteer proofreading for the next one😊

I would recommend this for 18+ readers that enjoy King Arthur retellings, knights, strong female characters, and fantasy/romance.

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