Fall Bookish Bingo 2020!


  • Keep it laid back in chat!
  • Books must be of an appropriate developmental reading level – like no reading a bunch of super quick 90 page children’s books and counting them
  • One prompt can be a novella or short story or graphic novel or something less conventional
  • Any questions about book or prompt appropriateness will probably be “sure,” but ask anytime!
  • Second and third prize winner does not need to complete a bingo to win
  • Grand prize winner must complete at least one bingo
  • Books must be started and completed between 10/1 0000 EST and 10/31 2359 EST

Square Prompt Clues:

They can all be interpreted super loosely

  • Edgar Award Winner: check out – any category. Any year works.  There are so many great options here
  • UNICEF: anything related to humanitarian, helping kids, vaccines or disabilities or disadvantaged, You can check out but literally anything related to children in need works
  • Banned Book: any country, any list, as long as it’s banned from somewhere
  • Autumn Leaves/diversity: any kind of diverse main character, or actual leaves changing color works
  • Candy apples: food on the cover or characters prepare holiday food, eat holiday food, anything food related
  • Halloween around the world – book takes place on a continent other than yours, or fantasy world

The others seem pretty self explanatory.


Each book can only be used for one square.

Four corners is legit

Tag @onereadingnurse in your stories when you post your board! It doesn’t matter if you do it after each book but it can be fun to keep track.  I don’t think a hashtag is necessary as long as you tag admin!

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