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The Best Laid Plans – Wyrd and Wonder!

Hi everyone! If anyone hasn’t heard about Wyrd and Wonder yet, please check out this link for an intro!

Thank you to Timy @ Queen’s Book Asylum for sharing the link originally, I would never have known about it otherwise and definitely plan to participate as I am able!

Wyrd and Wonder looks like a great team of fantasy bloggers who have set up ALL this fun stuff for fantasy fans during the month of May. The event is in it’s fifth year now and I see prompts, bingo for fun, two read alongs, giveaways and a ton of other fun stuff!!

Personally I am most excited for the readalong of The Summer Tree by Guy Gavriel Kay, and the fantasy prompts.  I never really fit in anywhere in the SFF community (I’m too multi-genre to stay on twitter lists even) but love hanging around and reading/talking fantasy when I can!

Plus the theme has to do with wood and forests, and I have blogged about fantasy forests before so that’s extremely exciting to me.  I’ll definitely try to chat about some of my favorites like The Green Cloak, The Great Forest, forest loving characters, and the impact that forests can have on their (fantasy) world

Like the title says, though … I have turned into mostly a review blogger simply for lack of time! I’ll do my best to tackle a few prompts and follow the content!!

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Hallo, Hallo Athena,

I’m not sure when you started to follow me on Twitter, but tonight I returnt the favour! I’ve also added you to my #WyrdAndWonder List!! You might be encouraged to know I read multi-genre (including your least favourite Romance) whilst I am one of the founding co-hosts of the event. We happily brought onboard Annemieke & Ariana this year, whilst Imyril, Lisa and I head it for the last four years. It is a wonderful new chapter in our event’s history whilst we each bring something refreshing to both the event and the community we’ve built.

Everyone reads a different level of Science Fiction & Fantasy or SpecLit overall – we never ask to have any proof of a person’s history with the genre or any specific level of blogging or social reading shares either – the event as we started it and have maintained it is to let everyone who *loves!* Fantasy join us and celebrate what unites us about a genre which we all personally have a passion of appreciation.

I love this first post of yours – and like you, for different reasons over the last nine years – as I started blogging in 2013, my blog is mostly review or interview/guest post based with a few different memes, events and other bits floating round, too! I’m trying to re-diversify my posts this year, bring back the memes I’ve made my own and be a bit more active in the book blogosphere overall as I’ve been restructuring my work life to have more downtime and balance as that is something I’ve lacked over the last fourteen months since I’ve gone back to work full-time with two different jobs (one by day, one by night).

When it comes to Forest Fantasy, I’m slightly new to the theme of finding them and sort of sorting out my own path forward into this niche which is why I’m super excited to see what everyone is going to share this year… I’m also part of the RAL for “The Summer Tree” as after Imyril told me about it, I knew I had to join the readalong. Definitely suited towards my own sensibility as a reader. (ie. not a fan of overt violence, etc)

Glad to have you on board!!

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Jorie, thanks so much for that response!! It actually does make me feel better, originally I was added to a few SFF blogger lists and felt like part of “the usual group” and I will admit that it hurt to see my name disappear!!

That said though I think fantasy and indie is for everyone, and, reading is for everyone! I love diversifying my reading – read a thriller, read a romcom, read a classic, read 4 fantasies, you know, the point is that you have one life and one reading life and you should enjoy it!!

No shame in multigenre reading 😁

Work is hard too, I only work one job but pulled a lot of 60+ hour weeks (of night shifts) since the pandemic started, and every book finished, every blog post is a victory for people on a busy schedule! Hats off to you for working two jobs!

Followed your blog back too, can’t wait to see your thoughts on the readalong!

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