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One Year Older, Four Years In (My Brain Hurts)

Alright friends, I’m getting a record smashing number of views on the blog this month so if your eyes are on this, thank you! Two thousand visits in August so far – I can’t even fathom that! I find it hilarious because I was fairly well convinced that absolutely no one reads my silly book thoughts and random posts. The craziest thing is that most of the views are coming from search engines? I would have bet it was Twitter but whoever is searching for books and clicking my links, again thank you!

Well, now the joke is on you because my brain hurts and I am going to incoherently rant about a bunch of random things

My four year Booksta-versary is coming up and I can’t believe that I’ve been talking about books publicly for four years now. I’ve only gotten consistent on my domain here in the past year or two as I’ve been moving away from Insta. I can’t believe 8k people follow me there but it’s not meant for people who really just want to read and review. I’m finding myself more at home on Twitter as far as sharing book updates. I am not, and have never been in this for anyone’s drama. I just wanted to talk about books and find the like minded people that I knew were out there somewhere. They just don’t happen to be here.

I started book blogging .. wow, yes, four years ago now. My first post was 8/31/18, right after my main, and then second show horse got irreparably injured within months of each other. I went from having everything to just about nothing, REAL quick, and I’m pretty sure the indie community here saved my sanity when I had no where to put energy and frustration into, and discovered Bookstagram. So again – thank you for that.

To zoom in on the present: My birthday is a weird time of year for me now, seeing as it’s been right amid some of our worst Covid spikes in the hospital and around this time last year my ex left, followed by my long time renter who had become a friend, followed by my old dog who finally passed on, like hell, August sucked last year. I don’t blame him one bit for leaving and it was a huge adjustment (and relief)? this year to just do everything by myself. It required cutting down my work load to be manageable by one person with a full-time job, and left me with the knowledge that one person isn’t meant to do everything. That said, hell here I am! Early 30s and no ties that can’t be replanted elsewhere, I’m dying to keep downsizing and see the world a little bit again.

That said, *dance* ChiCon is coming!! I can only go for two days but I’m sooooooo freaking excited!

Anyway, yes I’m winding this down and back to the point, it’s been hard for me to sit down and finish a book. I think I have four started right now and I’ve got too many thoughts pinballing around to focus on reading.

My current reads are The Stardust Thief (very good), The Blacktongue Thief on audio (brilliant, bloody brilliant), and I’m slowly picking away at R.E. Palmer’s second book Age of Shadows when I read on the Kindle. I think I finally gave up trying to finish book give of the Wheel of Time.

Last thing to mention is the interview series – I am trying to bring the Sunday Brunch Series back on a regular basis but I always get swamped with requests and quickly overwhelmed. I say no and people get offended, and I don’t have time for that negativity in my life. I am trying though – there are a few dates lined up and I’d like to continue my one true pet project

So – thankfully I don’t think anyone is reading this far and I have used this space to vent my thoughts. I don’t know what the next year will bring and maybe I’ll still be here at the end of year 5!

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It is great, isn’t it? To be a part of such a supportive community who share similar interests.. I love it. πŸ’–πŸ˜Š
And consistency is important but I think it’s harder to accomplish that in the beginning when you’re still trying to figure out what to do and how to do it.

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Aw thanks!! It was great interviewing you and reading/reviewing books that are based on a place that I know and care about! Besides that, the ShadowSpark authors are amazing, I still chat with Dustin too some times!


Thank you!! It’s a little embarrassing because I didn’t think anyone would read a non review post after the first two paragraphs and got a little personal there, but I am definitely looking forward to whatever new directions I find!

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Wow, those are great numbers, and we’ll deserved. You’re doing good shit here.

And as for the rest of life – here’s hoping the opportunities go somewhere great that makes you happy.


Thanks, Peat! I’ve taken a lot of heart from some of your links and positive comments, so again thanks for that!

As for the rest, one can only hope! I’m keeping my eyes and ears open for something that looks like a good road to take nextπŸ˜€

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