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Summer Bookish Housekeeping & Fall “Vibes”

That’s a fancy title for “here is everything bookish that isn’t going to make it into another post”!

What you’ll find here:

  1. Another thank you
  2. An update on sponsored content & moral dilemmas
  3. My book haul for the summer
  4. Plans for September
  5. The new addition to my library (best garage sale find ever)

1) First off thank you to everyone who sent messages, commented, or otherwise reached out regarding my Four Years In post.  I thought no one would read past the first paragraph since my views on non-bookish posts tend to be much lower, but thank you anyway.  I’ve got 2000 monthly views and at least six friends and I appreciate every single one of you.

2) I stopped doing my reading trend posts because nothing has changed. This summer consisted of mostly adult SFF reading now that I have severed influencer ties with Wednesday Books and won’t be doing more sponsored content from them. I feel so much better, I have always been a stubborn mule about some things and I’m not going to keep featuring books with certain content that I don’t believe should be advertised towards children as young as 13.

Thank you to my friend Nathaniel over at HecticReadingLife (on Instagram) for giving me the confidence to say NO, as well as validating every single post on subject matter.

It’s hard to say no to something I worked that hard for, and am grateful for being a constantly featured influencer and reviewer voice but that’s life and learning and it’s the right decision for me!


3. My book haul for the summer! I’m reading my shelves, donating, and not really buying books, so it’s a pretty small haul. I birthday treated myself to a signed Indigo edition of EOTV that cost more than the rest of my yearly reading purchases combined — yikes! Left is the haul for $15, not bad, right is one of the shelves at the best little used bookshop ever.

I also want to take two seconds and talk about Indigo – the SFF collection was mind blowing! The mood was really great too. There were young folks sitting there reading and no one was bugging them, so many people browsing, and I got a coffee with some kid who also thought Sanderson is super pretentious! Montreal was a fun trip but I’m not going to do a bookish travels post like I have before

4) Plans for September – I requested no ARCs for this fall and am going to dig into the SPSFC2 pile for the most part, as well as just reading whatever I want.  It took a bit to extricate myself from the web of influencer expectations that has been dictating my reading for so many years.  I’ve hardly been posting on insta recently too. Followers and connections aren’t the same thing and I’ve made more ‘friends’ on twitter and discord in six months than I have in four years on Insta, so that’s something.

5) Look what I found! The guy was selling all these wonderfully framed posters for $10 in an estate sale. Most of them were Star Wars related but I found a solid Trekkie poster. Wall mounting it is another story so it’s sitting on my overflow shelf for now looking amaaaaazing

6) I saved this for last but I think by now everyone knows that I’m working on a project. It started as a silly idea but now that my friend is in on it and interested in illustrating and offering thoughts, maybe getting his story out there, I’m frantically outlining so he can start working should he decide to.  He’s in his 30s with DMD and has been following my page and talking books with me for a while now, and this started after I read a few of his more recently cryptic posts and said “maybe write a book”? Well, that was cute, because here we are writing something of probably the length of 50 pages tops but it is what it is and I’m happy to put my name on whatever results.

If it ends up taking place in space that’s cool too because I can’t figure out how far in the future to place this for the technology to make sense and “in space” solves everything.

I’m really hoping that he bites and finds some validation in the project because whether or not there is an audience, writing can be therapeutic and I know what that screaming into the void feeling is like on some level.  It’s 2022 and medicine still fails people in so many incomprehensible ways, constantly pounding home a lesson I learned so long ago that, to paraphrase,  God always wins.  There are tons of people out there that I think could get something out of our pair of feuding ranchers who are hurtling towards vision loss and inevitable death.  Gloomy as fuck but it’s morbidly satisfying to just throw all your failures onto the page for the universe to do what it will with, which is a lesson that he taught me.  The punchline is going to be “TEARS OR YOUR MONEY BACK!”

Anyway – that’s my Summer Recap and Fall Vibes update! To end on happy thoughts, it’s finally apple season and my trees look amazing! It looks like most of the seasonal garden will be ready soon too.  My favorite part of this time of year is baking, canning, cool weather coming, and soon to be spooky season! Remember that time of year where everyone on instagram is ready to throttle my skeleton? OH yes, it’s nearly here!

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