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OK Bye September (Reading Wrapup & General Updates)

Another month went by already? When did that happen?

September was terrible for me in terms of reading.  As far as number of books, page count, and even audiobook listening, this was THE worst reading month I’ve had in four years.  I’m posting this wrap up a day early as I’m probably going adventuring tomorrow and there’s nothing else to say this month, except in no specific order, the following:

1) Books Read: I only finished 7 books. All have been reviewed here and The Blacktongue Thief followed by Foundryside were my two favorites. Not even going to lie that three of those seven were audiobooks and I feel so useless as a reader.

2) On the blog: I also wrote three or four general posts this month, including one about romance in scifi that smashed my record post views to date.  Possibly more on this below. I also outlined some favorite things in my library that didn’t get much love, but that’s ok.  I also only did one Sunday Brunch interview 😭 but I’m trying.  Some good news is that comments and actual interaction are up again!

3) Bookstagram update: The hacker thing ruined me. I lost everything just shy of 10k followers and had the account returned at 0/0/0 content. I didn’t bother changing the username back and just uninstalled the app. It’s probably a good thing but I felt a bit ill about reading and posting for a week or so and am now working on restructuring my thoughts about bookish media in general. It’s created a bit of a reading funk.

That said, the response from the book community was mind blowing, and thank you all.

4) Sept Book Haul: I only bought one book this month (see Asimov wearing a bra), and then my lovely booksta friend sent the history book along with a note, and I might have gotten emotional❤️

I also had the book haul from my contract completion points at work and I spent the whole thing on books. Now I finally own physical copies of some John Gwynne books, and others


5) So you’d think that being off Bookstagram would give me a lot more time to read but I’ve been working 48-60 hour weeks and it’s been crazy. No time to steal a few pages here and there, heck I’m lucky to have dinner tonight (not though, just writing this).

6) September SPSFC2 update – I am doing OK with the slush pile. So far 10 books down, and I need to put up the second post to start sharing more thoughts as I go. That reading ate up a lot of time earlier this month but it’s been fun

7) Books? Boys? Idk. This one is kind of bookish but it’s more of a SEND HELP situation since I managed to develop an insensible crush on a person that lives across the ocean, which is just flipping great. I’ve got no idea what I’m supposed to do with it but full disclosure, I’m a silly American girl who is powerless against winsome pictures.   Apparently.  Regardless, it’s been interesting to chat and I’m learning a lot about books and other things, which makes this a bookish matter. Someone should probably knock some sense back into me STAT (I’ve got a baseball bat you can use) and now that’s part of my reading wrapup & general update this month.

8) I’m going to post a separate October TBR.  Obviously I can’t host GrimDarkTober and spooky bingo without Bookstagram, so that’s just depressing.  I thought we would have many more years but maybe next year I can make it a thing on Twitter.  I’ve got my yearly super secret Halloween interview lined up though and let’s just say we are planning a wild one 🎃

I guess the good news is that September is (almost) over, spooky season is here, and I’ve got a killer lineup of books to hopefully make October a better reading month! 

How did you do this month? Any great reads? Did anyone else struggle?

7 replies on “OK Bye September (Reading Wrapup & General Updates)”

Same!! I’ll continue to follow your reviews for sure but I miss having that open chat with the rest of the girls!!

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Ooph, that Insta thing sounds rough.

And as someone whose wife was once the silly American girl with a crush on someone across the ocean, and who was the silly British boy at the other end… sometimes fairytales come true. And like most fairytales there were times that felt pure horror, but sometimes it was pure magic.

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That insta thing was awful, but it’s also extremely liberating as far as my screen time goes. I’m just not used to my comparatively crappy blog and Twitter views yet so it’s an adjustment!

Also, yeah that’s been a cool story, I’m glad it worked out for you guys! And now we are state line neighbors (I think) lol. I’m kind of afraid this particular person is going to think I’m nuts for stating that fact but he hasn’t blocked me yet (also i don’t think he read this) 🤣, so, whew. Will have to see, he’s probably just thinking “what the heck is wrong with this girl” 🤣


Aw, now I’m extra sad you’re not on Insta anymore! I get it, but gosh. I enjoyed all that. Hopefully you’ll do it on Twitter in the future!

Also…I was once a silly American girl with a crush on someone across the ocean. Went through the whole long-distance relationship. Fingers crossed it goes better for you, though I’ll never replace the special times I spent with him. 🙂

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Aww I’m sad too! I had a riot with GrimdarkTober and all that, although all of my “real content” will still be on the blog and/or Twitter!

And – oh wow that’s cool! Where was your person located? I tried it once in the past and funny story, he was bi. That’s totally cool on paper but in person I could NOT get past the fact that he dated men too🤣, like I could just not. I felt so bad but he took it like a champ and we spent like 8 weeks just hanging out as friends and went all over together so that was a lot of fun! You probably have some fun travel stories as a result too!

This one is simply at the chatty stage (as in not a thing at all) and I’m not putting much worry into it at this time, I was just stating a fact and I’m so afraid he’s going to read something weird into this post or comment section 🤣


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