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Sci-fi Month & the Joy of a Fairly Open November TBR

Oh November, between work and getting sick and more work, I’m in pure survival mode right now.  Let’s see what’s in store here for this month!


Here’s some good news: for the first time in years I can finally say that my ARC list is only two books long right now and it’s an amazing feeling.  Both are very exciting sounding books too! 

  • The Prisoner by B.A. Paris – I’m halfway done with this one, released today 11/1, and should post about it soon. Thanks to St Martin’s Press
  • Rubicon by J.S. Dewes – not out until March but Tor has offered me author interviews before so I’d like to get there asap
  • I’ve also got Hex You by PC & Kristin Cast but will probably put it off until the end of December

Sci-fi Month!


This lovely sci-fi month artwork is by  Simon Fetscher

I did decide to jump into sci-fi month, it’s a great group of people with many familiar faces from Wyrd & Wonder, and I have a tentative TBR!  For all that people talk about a lack of sci-fi community, I think it exists. Somewhere. 10 years, wow! It’ll be fun to get some sci-fi recs and see what everyone is talking about! (I do have a TBR but at the same time it’s just incredible to be able to look at my shelves and read whatever I want).

  • Rubicon – see above, this is a perfect ARC for sci-month. A space opera about a sergeant’s many traumatic resurrections, I literally am bouncing to get to this one
  • Armada by Ernest Cline – I picked this one up on audio and started last night but should have listened to GoodReads. Will Wheaton’s voice is just. Ugh. I’ll probably finish it
  • I’ve got the first three Alex Benedict books by Jack McDevitt that have been on my TBR forever.  Back this summer someone said they wanted to see my thoughts and I never got there, so maybe I’ll binge A talent for War, Seeker, and Polaris
  • 20k Leagues Under the Sea by Verne – ok yes let’s finally read this, I’m all about the boys club of scientific exploration 🤣
  • Empire of Silence – it’s so long, should I finally read it though?

That’s seven sci-fi books and I think a realistic goal, I will maybe add or subtract as the month goes!


There isn’t a lot of miscellany for November.  I’m off to see Hamilton tomorrow night 11/2 and have a seat at the theatre’s president’s club dinner prior and I’m just hoping I can taste the catering because I’m kind of sick 🤣

SPSFC wise – I will definitely start posting more slushpile thoughts this week too.

Here’s to another month of reading, I’m just waiting for December though 🙃

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From what I’ve read so far, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Rubicon! It’s early but extremely promising so far! I think I’m still in that “getting sicker before it gets better” stage but it’s a good excuse to read and nap on my days off 😅

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