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Something Fun Today: The Smash or Pass Book Tag!

Oh wow, I created a book tag once but I don’t know if I have ever been directly tagged to participate in one! I was tagged by Celeste at A Literary Escape  to do to the Smash or Pass tag, originally created by Becky at Becky’s Book Blog! Essentially a bookish thing is listed, and we either smash (like) or pass (dislike) the item.  Easy and fun, let’s see what there is!

Bookish Tropes

To me, a trope is just a theme or idea a book or character can be based around.  I feel pretty indifferent but find them handy to know what I’m getting into – like lovers to enemies (my favorite), or orphan turns into chosen one (yuck).  On a whole though I support tropes

Verdict: smash

Alternating POV

I get confused if there are more than two, or three can work if they have distinct alternating POV as long as I can tell them apart!

Ambiguous Endings

I’m going to be the oddball out here and SMASH ambiguous endings when they are done well.  There is a way to do these that makes the reader think about the events leading up to the conclusion in a meaningful way or a new light, and draw their own conclusions.  I’m all about it.


On the whole, PASS.  I’m super picky about my history reading and outside of a few niche interests (cavalry, revolution, 1812, civil war)  don’t seek out nonfiction at all.

Historical Setting

History nonfiction books yes, but historical settings in fiction… not so much.  Again, I’m super picky about my history and will gladly read within my interests but on the whole, PASS

Morally Grey Characters

SMASH and the greyer, the better.  I don’t think anyone in the history of Earth had crystal clear morality.  Life is a giant gray zone and sometimes one has to do what they have to do, even in the name of good (or evil).  Just bring on all the gray.

First Person POV

Hard PASS. Hard. Pass. I play out the book like a movie in my head when I read, and it’s easy when it’s told in third person.  In first person, I either have to really ‘feel’ the character or it’s a total bust, and I have a terrible time playing the book out from my own eyes


Oh, smash. With my vision getting worse and headaches and inability to focus on small print for long periods, audiobooks have SAVED MY LIFE.  I wouldn’t still be a blogger without them.  Plus they’re wonderful for me as someone who (again) likes to play out book movies while they digest literature.  Plus I drive so much and again, they’re just a life saver


PASS.  I think there are way too many books out there to re read.  If I truly am starting to forget a favorite, I will re read it, but only years and years apart.  In my whole life I think I’ve only ever re read The Old Kingdom series and Harry Potter, and I try to seek out a different medium like audio the second time around.

Classic Novels

I have been trying to read a classic every few months but it’s a struggle, I’ll tell you.  I want to broaden my horizons so I’m trying to understand them but at the same time, total pass 


SMASH but only with these not very sticky little stickers that I use to keep track of important events in series.  Then I can come back for a recap before reading the next book if needed.  I absolutely don’t write in or highlight text or any other such foolishness 🤣

Cracking Book Spines

PASS. Hard no. Don’t recommend. I love a beaten up old paperback but I’ll read an mmpb without cracking it because if I buy it new, I like it to look pristine! Plus I am still in the bookstagram mindset of pretty things, and I don’t want to be the one doing the damage


Uhh…pass.  No explanation needed, I just don’t come to my fiction for romance or smut.  I’ve died on the hill that smut doesn’t belong in YA books too.

Character Driven Books

I actually prefer plot driven all the way.  I can deal with flat characters if the plot is interesting, but not the other way around.  There has to be a good plot. So, pass

Past/Present Split Timeline

I’ve only ever seen this successfully pulled off in some domestic suspense books and thrillers, where we have to go back in time to reveal what led up to the main event.  In those cases absolutely smash.

Heavy World-building

SMASH. All the way. I want to know everyyyyyything AS LONG AS ITS RELEVANT TO THE STORY.  I don’t need to know what color everyone on the continent’s shirt is but, if it’s related to the story, I want to know all the history and local flavor.


I tag the following bloggers to participate in the Smash or Pass book tag:

Oh geez, I’m not sure who will do it! The only rule is to link to the original creator and the one who tagged you, so if you want to do it…





3 replies on “Something Fun Today: The Smash or Pass Book Tag!”

Yay, I’m glad you did this!! I think you’re the only person I know of (so far) who I’ve seen say they like lovers to enemies. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve read anything that falls into that…well, maybe A Court of Thorns and Roses does a little bit. Any recommendations for that trope?

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It’s widely underused ha ha it kind of appears in The Conqueror Saga by Kiersten White, where they were kind of lovers but then she decides to go to war and take her own kingdom back .. I never read book three but I think he destroys her

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