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2022 Reading Goals Recap and Looking Forward, I Don’t Care Anymore

I said it, I don’t care anymore. Let’s see how I did with my 2022 goals and how it all feeds into where I am now.

My 2022 goals: did I pass or fail?

  • Track genres, pub years, books purchased each month:  Failed after six months.  (Remember my bi-monthly Reading Trend posts? Yeah no one else does either). That was interesting but ultimately told me what I already knew – that I read what I want and moved away from YA.
  • Read more books off my shelves: Pass. I think I was about 50/50 but stopped keeping track
  • Save $: request arcs, use library, and buy used: pass. I only bought three full priced new books with my own money, all year. The rest came from my Amazon points (work bonus) or used & garage sale finds.
  • Increase blog visibility: pass (but comparative fail).  I did increase views, visits, and likes almost double from the prior years which is wonderful.  Compared to other people posting their stats though it’s embarrassing.  That’s why I’m not doing a “stats” post 😅
  • Read what I want: Mostly success.  I abandoned a lot of series though due to increasing book length and perceived need to “keep up” with other things
  • Broaden Horizons: I did read more classics from around the world, tried new voices, and went looking for new authors. I’d say success
  • Read what I buy: fail 😅 most of my newly hauled books from this year are sitting in stacks still 🤣 though I did read
  • Unhaul books: success. I gave away boxes and boxes after Instagram got hacked and I didn’t have to care about what people saw on my shelves.

2022 Good

So where does that leave my 2023 reading goals?

  • Arcs: not a goal anymore. I have two 2023 arcs left to read and am not requesting or taking requests at this time
  • Finish some of the series I started. I’ll write a post about abandoned series, my list is somewhere between impressive and disgusting 🤣
  • Read what’s on my shelves. A goal for every year. I have a lot of fantastic literature from around the world here and need to read it.


I‘ll mood read and absolutely fuck anything with a deadline.

Oh, the blog

Sunday Brunch has garnered some interest (but none of the old posts still get views, so…) and may or may not come back depending on if I re subscribe my site. If someone else’s blog wants to host the interviews I would consider that too.

The fact is that despite whatever enjoyment I get out of this, even my best articles just go into the void, my “evergreen posts” are rare and the stats on them are embarrassing. I don’t know if this blog is worth it’s headache and I guess that’s a personal choice for me going into the new year. It also needs a visual overhaul that I’m not competent to do on my own 🤷‍♀️

Soooo to those reading to this point, how did you do on your goals from 2022? Are you making any for 2023? Let me know in the comments 🤣

4 replies on “2022 Reading Goals Recap and Looking Forward, I Don’t Care Anymore”

Thanks for sharing your heart! I hear your discouragement. I have my ups and downs. Bottom line I just enjoy talking about books and that motivates me to blog. The relentless promotion is tiresome but I adore the bookish connections I’ve made around the world. Bookish people are the best people and are the joy of blogging. Cheers to no pressure and reading what we want in 2023! Happy New Year Athena!

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Cheers! Sounds like a good plan, we have this conversation nearly every year and I’ve been inching closer and closer towards that happy reading place!

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I mean, obviously do what you want, but I personally like seeing stats! Especially if they’re by “smaller” bloggers because I think it’s grounding and realistic. That’s why I post stats monthly about unique views. I call myself a microblogger because I don’t have many subscribers nor do I get a ton of unique views. Part of me wants to not care because this is a hobby, but it’s also nice to see/know I’m not projecting into a total void, haha.

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That could be that I’m comparing to people who have been doing it for longer and have HUGE followings, but it’s still hard to see sometimes! My post views each month tend to be about 30-40 per normal post, 50 or so for my two that hit search engines for some reason😅

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