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Join Me As I Find the Worst Rated Books In My Library (and unhaul them)

Happy Saturday! I’ve been doing one “fun post” a week and here it is: a little book.umhaul.  I decided to clear out a few based on the worst average GoodReads ratings present in my library!  I also am unhauling a series that I hope finds a good home…anyway, let’s get into it!

Sun’s End has a GoodReads rating of 2.61 but the cover is cool, so I randomly opened to … A bad sex scene.  I then flipped to a later page and found a couple begging the robot for a threesome… Into the box you go, sir.

Avg Rating: 2.84. I originally thought maybe Holland’s historical fiction fans didn’t like the fantasy. After a few pages though I find her writing to be super basic as well as over punctuated.  Despite the cool cover, I will trust the rating.

3.09 rating. I may or may not have read this when I needed it for a class back in college.  At this point I’m utterly uninterested and while the one star ratings are mostly bored college kids, I won’t pick it up again

3.13.  I’ll take everyone’s word for it that the Andy Brazil series by Cornwell is a miss. By the time I read through all the Scarpetta books (probably never) I wouldn’t jump for this next anyway.

Next to this was my beaten up paperback copy of The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice. It got wet at some point and made me sneeze (and I’m still feeling it) so it went in the trash. It’s an extremely easy paperback to replace and I keep the library dehumidified for a reason 🤣


3.17 and an unfavorable review spread – same story as the prior Cornwell, I’ll stick to Scarpetta


With a 3.23 average rating: I liked Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful but am willing to take people’s word that her debut series is rough. Life’s too short and it never turned into a movie so there’s always that lovely bit of false advertising. It was picked up prior to publication and the cover should have been reprinted when it didn’t happen

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by John LeCarré

Next up – I thought I passed on all my LeCarré books already, but this one slipped through the cracks. I just can’t read them as he is so utterly boring and long winded. Someone will grab it from the little free library.

That Old Cape Magic by Richard Russo

3.34 rating. I’ve flipped through this one before and can agree with the majority of people that if you’re not the aging divorced demographic, you won’t find much to like here. I can’t see picking it up again.

The Selection series is higher rated and quite popular on bookstagram because they’re pretty and photogenic. That said, I actually enjoyed them I just know I won’t read them again. I had them saved to take more photos of except without bookstagram that’s no longer necessary.  Hopefully a young girl home finds them!

All of that for 13 books! That’s what my mind can handle today.  In the mean time I’ll keep reading books that I know I’ll pass onwards after. I’m hell bent to not buy new physical copies until my current books fit on their shelves!

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