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Friday Night Book Spread (Currently Reading)

Oh gosh, the month is already more than a third over and I’ve hardly had any book content for you guys.  Here is a quick lowdown on what I’m reading right now, what about you all? Hopefully I can kick this cold and be back to more reading soon!


From the top: my audiobook, 73% done. Shorefall continues three years after Foundryside left off.  It’s going over my head with the “magic system” at times but is overall one of my favorite adult series ever.  It’s getting darker and darker too 😳. 

Heritage is my current e book, an SPSFC semifinalist.  I don’t dislike it but it’s long and has some excessively clunky word use that bogs down the reading experience.  An action packed space opera with some fantasy fare mixed in. I’m about 25% through.

The Hermes Protocol is the physical book and thank goodness I’m almost done. It’s a liberal nightmare PC playground and should have been a Dnf at chapter one. Learned my lesson to always read the entire except and look closer for red flags

The Avram Davidson Treasury is one that I’m still just reading about two short stories a week. I’ve got an audiobook and the physical so it’s a “when the mood hits” read.  I’m through the first section though!

What are you all currently reading or working on?

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