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The Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag! Jan-March 2023 (1st Quarter)

I can’t believe we are into April already, wow! I’m just trying to slow down and enjoy the spring but it’s still freezing out.

Anyway, I’ve seen the Quarter Year Crisis book tag floating around a lot this month and it’s a great tag, so I’m jumping in! I’m also just going to tag “anyone who sees this” 🤣

The original tag was created by Roisin’s Reading on BookTube, a great channel!

How many books have you read so far?

I’m at 33 for the year! I tend to read 10-11 books a month and have been on par with that although my page count may be much lower due to shorter books😅

Have you already found a book you think might be a 2023 favourite?

I started out the year really strong with two Joe Abercrombie books, Before They Are Hanged and The Last Argument of Kings. I also read Shorefall by Robert Jackson Bennett that was strong


Any 1-star books / least favourite book of the year?

I hate to keep harping on this but yeah, I truly disliked Stella Maris and The Passenger.  I also thought The Hermes Protocol was utterly stupid and far past the political correctness quota


Most read genre so far?

I think because of the SPSFC that sci-fi actually surpassed fantasy up to this point. Don’t quote me on that though, it’s pretty close either way

A book that surprised you?

Oooh…. Hum…. How about The Rush’s Echo by Ginger Smith? I *ducks behind couch sorry* didn’t have great expectations for the book but was happily surprised that she totally nailed the ending and it was worth the wait to read!

The Rush's Echo book cover

A book that’s come out in 2023 already that you want to read but haven’t yet?

The three releases I am truly looking forward to are coming out 1) likely in the summer and 2+3) in November.  Those are Down Below Beyond by TA Bruno, and then a new short story/novella by Kristin Britain in the Green Rider universe, and, new Tad Williams. 2023 releases haven’t really appealed yet

One goal you made that you’re succeeding at?

Reducing my book buying and continuing to unhaul books instead of hoarding them! I’m very proud of both of these goals!

One goal you made that you need to focus on?

I’m doing a fairly good job of expanding my reading into short stories and famous authors I’m not as familiar with, such as the AD collection. I’m off to a good start but will focus more on this once the SPSFC ends


New to you Bloggers/Booktubers/ Bookstagrammers/Booktokers for 2023 you recommend?

I’m set in my ways and haven’t started truly following any new reviewers.  Philip Chase is still my number one.  I did find the Avram Davidson Universe (or they found me haha) and have been learning a lot about sci-fi genre history through their site and Twitter links. Through that I found Endless Bookshelf who also has a lot of varied and interesting content.

I’m excited to see how the second quarter of 2023 goes! There is some new content coming and things that I’m extremely excited for, nott least the final round of the SPSFC and some collaborations I’m working on 😅

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