The Bone Witch Read Along: Week 1 Questions!

Back with my second read-along and I have to admit that at least I like this one more than The Summer Tree so far 🤷‍♀️


I’ll try to keep these spoiler free even in later weeks but for those who aren’t familiar with the book or reading along, you might want to wait for my review post towards the end of the month

1) If this is your first time reading, what are your expectations for The Bone Witch? If this is a reread, what are you looking forward to the most (but beware a little of spoilers at this point 😉 )?

I am going in expecting a typical YA fantasy.  This book spent a lot of time featured on Instagram and it seems like everyone has read it, it’s ok KU and Audible Plus, so it’s reaching a broad audience.

If I’m thinking of the right book, someone told me there’s a horse familiar so I’m looking forward to that.

2) The story seems to be told through a bard that searches out our main character Tea. Tea tells her story to them. What do you think of this set up?

I am fairly neutral on it, especially as an adult reading YA. I hate reading the first person point of view in YA books because I’m freaking 34 years old, so framing it as the witch telling me a story is a good take.

The part throwing me off is that it’s hard to tell if the bard parts are referencing events coming in the next chapter, or things that will be relevant in the future. I suspect it’s both

3) Why do you think Lilac could not see anything amiss for Tea in her foretelling?

She’s probably either not a very good fortune teller 🤣 or Tea’s fate is yet undecided. Maybe bone witches are outside of fates timeline 🤷‍♀️

4) There is a lot of world building happening in this first part that we are reading. We follow Tea for a long time as a 12 year old. Do you feel that was a good choice? Are you still interested or do you wish it would move on already?

I am still following along, since we don’t know what the central conflict is yet.  I think the setup will be important, and theoretically it should be interesting to learn about Tea’s life with the Makayla and training. I’m starting to chomp at the bit though

5) When meeting the king of Kneave, Tea lashes out at him for sending her brother out in the war. How did you feel about his response?

I like him. He seems like a levelheaded guy and isn’t going to punish a child for not thinking before she speaks.  I think he had a great response although it would be nice if the kingdom did something for all the deceased veterans families, not just hers

‘We call this the Willows,’ Lady Mykaela said, ‘home to the greatest Asha in all the Kingdoms.’

‘There aren’t any willows,’ Fox said, who sometimes took things literally.

‘Here is one.’ And Lady Mykaela placed a hand on my shoulder.’ | Page 59

6) What do you thing Lady Mykaela means here. What does The Willows or willow mean?

Well, willows are flexible and pretty adaptable trees.  Their bark provides healing properties in a lot of stories and they grow in pretty much any conditions. I think she’s saying there’s a girl with a lot of potential here

7) Why do you think Tea is kept as an indentured servant for so long before going to lessons when it is said that some assistants are presented as early as age 15?

It’s explained pretty well that it’s too easy to give oneself over to the dark magic, burn out, go nuts, whatever. I think Tea is kept longer so that she develops her patience and skills and is a less of a threat to herself.  There’s likely a maturity component too that the matron of the house is waiting for

There’s week one! Questions by

Wyrd and Wonder artwork by Tithi Luadthong

7 replies on “The Bone Witch Read Along: Week 1 Questions!”

Lol it has it’s moments but is not my favorite necromancer story ( yet at least). You’ll get there someday but I wouldn’t recommend dropping one’s TBR for it😅

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I had to laugh at your comment that maybe Lilac isn’t a very good fortune teller! 😉 (Could be true though, based on what we know so far.)

I’m also just about done with the training section at this point. It is neat to be able to see the way this world’s magic works, though. So at least I’m not actively bored with the set-up yet.

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Hahah yeah you never know! I am going to start reading onwards soon and am hoping to see the actual training start! Glad you’re somewhat enjoying it too


Fingers crossed that the action picks up a bit soon! Slow-paced books can be enjoyable, but I don’t see how we’ll get from where we are to where the book starts any time soon, and I’m hoping we don’t get cliffhangers when this book ends.

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