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The Gunslinger by Stephen King (My Experience)

Go then, there are other worlds than these Now that I’ve read a few Stephen King books I am aware of a couple of things. He has gone through some significant and very different life stages, and depending on which stage he was in when he wrote a book, it’s going to be a very […]

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The Waste Lands by Stephen King (Book Thoughts)

After all, there are other worlds than these and that fucking train rolls through all of them -Jake Chambers The Gunslinger was weird wild west and a chase across world and time. The Drawing of the Three was alternate reality, gangs of New York, and some psychological thriller. In The Waste Lands… King took on […]

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The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King (Book Thoughts)

Continuing my The Dark Tower series read, The Drawing of the Three is even weirder than The Gunslinger! I imagine the conversation when planning this book went something like – King: I want to write about the gangs of NY and schizophrenics Tabitha: yeah well you started with a weird horror fantasy western King: I’ll […]

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ARC Review: Comanche by Brett Riley

Quick Facts: Title: Comanche Author: Brett Riley Publisher & Release: Imbrifex Books, Sept 1st 2020 Length: 336 pages Rating & Recommend: 🌟🌟🌟⚡ probably Here is the synopsis from Amazon: Like a cylinder in a six-shooter, what goes around, comes around. In 1887 near the tiny Texas town of Comanche, a posse finally ends the murderous […]