About Me: A Statement

Welcome to my site! I’m Athena, a 30something year old RN currently living in Western NY. I have a wide range of book interests from fantasy, sci fi, thrillers, genre and literary fiction. I read pretty much everything except romance and “chick lit.”

My parents were both English teachers and my dad contributed to the North American Review and other publications as a literary critic (and author). While I will never reach that level, I think reviewing is fun and love trying to match people with good books!

Do I do anything besides read? Eh.. I enjoy spending time with my animals, showing my horses in all around ranch events, gardening, some piano still, travel…. I’ll try anything once 🤣

One thing I want to be very clear about:

Myself and my brand, @OneReadingNurse , do not support ANY of the following: bullying in ANY form, hate speech or intimidation in ANY form, for any reason, real or imagined. Tone and content policing included as this is rarely done tactfully anymore. I firmly believe in everyone’s right to their own opinion, whether or not I agree with it, and will not support the actions or brands of anyone being a “mean girl”. Long story short: love all humans, bullying is bad.

If I see claims contrary to the above made about myself or my brand, it is to be considered slander and I reserve the right to take action accordingly