Contact & Review Policy

Updated 3-30-23! I am no longer on Instagram and slightly updated my review policy.

The best way to contact me is through email:

P.S. if you’re here and reading a blog post, leave a comment and let me know! I love discussing anything I’ve read and hearing everyone’s thoughts

Where else am I?

Besides *here* (1000+ visitors per month) …

GoodReads (2100+)

Twitter (5k+)

Review Policy:

You should be aware that I write fully honest reviews and always try to be as fair & nice as possible. That said, if I dislike a book and/or you hate my review, I won’t apologize and have 0% tolerance for melodramatics and attempted bullying 🤷‍♀️

I will likely not publish a one or two star review in full on my blog (vs. a blurb or something else) but I may post the review to other media outlets as appropriate.

Try to send your name and a synopsis of your book, preferably with a GoodReads or amazon link when you inquire about a review request!

What do I Read?

At this point in my life I read a lot of indie and small press fantasy and sci-fi.  If the book is available for free on Kindle Unlimited, I can appreciate the suggestion but already have the service. For advanced copies I can receive files in EPUB format but not PDF.  I occasionally may prefer a physical copy but my eyesight is waning and I tend to use the large print settings.

Warning: I will DNF anything that clearly hasn’t been seen by a professional editor 🤷‍♀️

I do not review poetry, romance, anything with a heavily romantic storyline, nonfiction for the most part, nor any kind of erotica. I may say no for any reason, so don’t ever take it personally!

Authors can expect an honest review, blog post, Twitter shares, and posts to GoodReads and Amazon if I accept a book to review.

For Sunday Brunch:

If you are interested in the Sunday Brunch Series I am always looking for interviews. I mainly feature self published and indie authors but am happy to chat with nearly anyone. That said, I have time constraints due to work and real life obligations so I tend to schedule interviews at least 4-6 weeks out.

I don’t necessarily need to read your book prior to doing an interview but it’s easy to tell when I’m fudging the book related questions, so that’s up to you. 

Hope to hear from you!