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Ten Bookish Things I Did In 2022 Other Than Read!

The title says it all! From online participation in reading events to meeting a boy in real life, 2022 was a busy year for all things bookish.  Here’s a look at my top ten peripherally related things of 2022, in no particular order.

1) A bookshop tour of New York City, including The Mysterious Bookshop! Highly recommend checking it out if you’re ever near the world trade monument.  Floor to ceiling books, ladders, all mysteries, and tons of signed copies.  There are tons and tons of independent and antiquarian bookstores in the city but this was by far the highlight of the trip.

Check it out at

2) A failed attempt at BBNYA judging – I pissed a few people off with this one but I dropped after round one. The cloak of silence utterly defeated the purpose of promoting indie and if  merely sharing the title of a book you’re reading is supposedly going to influence other judges, why do they let you pick the titles to read going forward? Still scratching my head over this whole debable

3) A much happier occasion, SPSFC judging!  I jumped into a team and have gotten to yell all about indie sci-fi.  Currently we are reading quarterfinalists and it’s a blast.  I’ve met some great people including…

4) Ok so #3-7 are pretty much all related but that’s how life works, right?

Through the SPSFC, this happened! I mean we had been following each other for a while but probably wouldn’t have actually started talking without the SPSFC, so that’s been an experience.  I wasn’t even the one who came up with the matching hats 🤣


If I had thought reading books would ever lead to something like that happening… Well… Haha I didn’t think so 😅

5) Discovered discord –  I think I was in a failed discord book club in 2021 briefly but now I have really discovered it as a source of book community and discussion.  I need to find a server that focuses on traditionally published books since my main one turned all Indie.  That said though, between the old SFF Oasis and the SPSFC one, I struck up an ongoing chat with #4 and stuff happened

6) Book store hunting in the UK! Upon visiting said boy, there was obviously some bookstore touring involved. From seeing the  charity shops and used book stores to finally going into a Waterstones for the first time, it was fun to see the UK side of things.  The covers are amazing (as we know) and I actually like the idea of focusing on paperbacks.  I’m not a Warhammer fan either but it was kind of fun to have a pint in a dwarvish tavern and see all the artwork and statues, so I’ll add Warhammer World to this list 


7) on a similar note – seeing the Shakespeare exhibit at the biggest public library in the UK was cool, as well as walking around where he was born and seeing all the old places and things.  I’m giving Shakespeare his own category although he probably should go into #6


8) Switching gears, Wyrd & Wonder and Sci-fi Month! I actually participated in these lovely events for the first time and it was amazing. I met some lovely members of the SFF community, got tons of good recommendations, and still am in near daily contact with some of my new bookish friends! Fantastic events!  You can see for more info on Wyrd & Wonder!

9) GrimDarkTober! It’s been a yearly thing of mine for three years now but due to life events I almost didn’t do it this year.  I didn’t know how to do it without Instagram but some wonderful members of the SFF community kicked in content and I had nearly 20 posts to share by the end of it! Thank you to everyone who participated 🖤

10) A new bookish tattoo! We started a sci-fi stocking and it kind of morphed into a skeletal astronaut reading a book 😅 “too many books, too few centuries” right?


So there you have it! What non-reading bookish things did you guys all do this year!?