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Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Will Make Me Read A Fantasy Book

Hi everyone! I was going to post a review today but I’ve been LOVING meeting everyone who surfs the Top Ten Tuesday posts! It’s a community it itself and I’m here for it!

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

I decided to tweak it a bit and add “fantasy” books to fit prompts for Wyrd and Wonder too! From Sunday brunch to hard days, let’s see what brings me to a book

1. Horse on the cover

I am not the slightest bit picky. If there’s a horse on the cover of that fantasy book I am immediately interested and at least going to read the description.  I’ve discovered many awesome books this way.


2. If Dragons are involved

Self explanatory. I love fantasy with mystical animals whether dragons, gryphons, unicorns, magic horses, or anything else. Bring it on.


3. Anything other than people on the cover

In general, people on the cover tend to make me less interested.  If a it’s really pretty illustrated cover that’s one thing, but for the most part I’m less attracted to characters on the cover than animals or anything else

4. Artwork

I’m a fiend for maps and internal artwork. Scrolling, illustrations, chapter headings, even an index with illustrations will pique my interest.

5. Who blurbed it

Another self-explanatory one. Some authors I trust more than others but there are certain authors that if I see they have blurbed the book I’ll Auto buy.

6. The Author

Another easy, self-explanatory one. Everyone has at least one auto buy author

7. Sunday Brunch

Unique to me, if someone is interested in the Sunday brunch series I usually do them the courtesy of reading the book before writing interview questions. It’s hard to talk about and promote a book if you haven’t read it

8. Certain reviewers

Now this does absolutely not mean that I chase after hyped books. In fact quite the opposite is true. I have a select core of reviewers who I trust and tend to have similar tastes to.  (Philip Chase and Holly Hearts Books are two of them). If one of them truly loves a book, I’ll usually check it out too

9.  Synopsis

This one can go either way but an interesting synopsis goes a long way. Anything involving a pirates for example will catch my interest

10. A hard week at work

If I’m having a hard week in real life, I’m probably not going to pick up a historical tome or something that requires a lot of brain power. I’m looking for light fantasy in those situations

Bonus: all the things I love most

I’m a sucker for medieval settings too.  Knights, paladins, holy wars, pirates, horses, and dragons are the “in general” things that I love most

Thanks for checking out my list! What things immediately attract you to a book?

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Top Ten Tuesday: Things that get in the way of reading!

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together

Procrastination is a near and dear thing to me so this is a great top ten list for me! Let’s jump in because number one is threatening my time frame already:

1. Work!

Unfortunately I have a full time job that’s pretty demanding. I work straight nights and while I occasionally have time to steal a few pages, usually it’s way too busy. Nurse life!

2. Feeding off that: sleep.

I’m ALWAYS tired and sometimes I just nod off while reading.  Darn the human need for sleep and the night shift culture of always being ready to pass out

3. My animals

I’ve got a cat and dog that are always vying for attention, and there are the horses too.  My youngest is nearly big enough to carry a rider now and that’s going to become my main time sink outside of work soon! She just turned two today actually!


4. My property!

I have a huge yard and garden and woods that I’m trying to reclaim into usable space, so a TON of my spare time is spent outside.  I’ll listen to an audiobook while gardening but obviously can’t while mowing or cutting up fallen trees lol. It’s just me doing all that AND the house work too and I’m just, too tired sometimes 

5. June’s Journey

I have been an avid June player for years now and am in a fairly competitive league team.  I’m losing interest and now only play during competitive weeks but man, that game is a time sink and a half

6. Reviewing and the blog

I am pretty sure I spend almost as much time reviewing and writing and planning as I do reading. I’ve backed off on these things a lot and am focusing on me more but I don’t seem to be getting as many pages read these days

7. My eyes

My vision is getting pretty bad, to the point where if I’m on Kindle I read with pretty large font. I also get headaches more frequently so it’s hard to buckle down and read for any length of time 

8. Other people’s dogs

This is less frequent but I’m a part time participant in a rescue that helps transport animals across the country to new homes! I usually take a few hours of driving with an overnight leg and lose a few reading hours to that.  It’s really fun though 

9. Random scrolling

I should have thought of this one sooner.  I love my Kindle because I can’t do this but sometimes I just zone out and spend time scrolling book Twitter, WordPress blogs I’m following, etc, and end up spending more time consuming other people’s book literature than my own

10. Life in general

You know how it goes 🤣

So what things keep you from reading?